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Experience a unique escape game that brings a group together

Welcome to Hunt for Humanity! Brought to you by GoTeam – Denmark’s premier team-building firm with more than two decades worth of experience and expertise in fostering excellent teamwork.

Since 1997, we’ve provided tens of thousands of employees with exciting indoor and outdoor team-building adventures that not only entertain but significantly strengthen team spirit and cooperation between all participants.

Amazing Hunt for Humanity is customisable across the UK

The GPS-based Hunt for Humanity event is designed to be customisable across the UK, ensuring you and your colleagues can participate in an exciting, engaging, and memorable experience.

Whether you’re in the heart of Manchester, Newcastle or London, or the peaceful countryside, we’re ready to bring our unique combination of teamwork, technology, and fun to your doorstep.

Our online Game Master is with you every step of the way

Our skilled, English-speaking Game Masters guarantee you real-time, professional online support throughout the course of your exciting escape game.

This unique and efficient support system helps to ensure a well-executed, extraordinary, and unforgettable team-building event. All in all, it will certainly leave the impression that Denmark is more than just world-class at bacon, beer, and butter!

Exceptional team building awaits you

An exceptional team-building event is waiting for you. It promises to be seamless, fun, and engaging every step of the way.

Look forward to a fantastic event with shared experiences that entertain, engage, and bring your team together!

Come along – and meet our team!

You are guaranteed experience, passion, and expertise

Our team is ready to offer you and your colleagues an effective and rewarding team-building experience, providing engaging and entertaining events you won’t soon forget.

Founder & event organiser at GoTeam team building, Steffen Andreasen.

Steffen Andreasen

Founder & Event organiser

With more than 25 years of experience in team building and team bonding, Steffen has created a multitude of fun activities and organised hundreds of events as a team leader.

Jesper Arp-Hansen - Managing Director at the GPS-based escape room provider huntforhumanity.com.

Jesper Arp-Hansen

Managing Director

With many years of experience in team development, sales and management, Jesper is fully focused on ensuring that you and your team get the event that suits your needs and wishes.

Marketing Strategist Anders Nielsen at huntforhumanity.com.

Anders Nielsen

Marketing Strategist

With over 20 years of experience in business development, strategy, marketing and communication, Anders is a true master at ensuring smooth and flexible customer journeys.

Martin Haastrup from the outdoor escape room provider - huntforhumanity.com.

Martin Haastrup

DISC & Customer Consultant

Martin helps you put together the right team event for you. Martin also organises team development training courses, leading a Master Class in the use of the DISC personality model.

Jeanette H. Thorsted from the danish-based escape game provider - huntforhumanity.com.

Jeanette H. Thorsted

Team Leader & DISC Consultant

With tremendous energy, experience, and joy, Jeanette does all she can to ensure that uplifting DISC workshops provide you and your group with great team-building and valuable knowledge.

Morten Christensen from the outdoor escape room provider huntforhumanity.com - a part of GoTeam.

Morten Christensen

Communication & Marketing Manager

With a laser-sharp focus on open, honest, and easy-to-understand communication, Morten is dedicated to creating the best possible customer experiences.

Graphic designer & web specialist Andreas Münter huntforhumanity.com.

Andreas Münter

Graphic Designer & Web Specialist

Andreas uses his expertise and his eye for creating top-tier user experiences to work with our wide variety of digital media.

Together with a whole bunch of skilled specialists, consultants and team-building instructors.

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With our many years of experience and great expertise, we guarantee an unforgettable outdoor Escape Room adventure for you and your team!